To Be a Woman

Navigating Gender Confusion: A Conversation with Dr. Katie McCoy about Her Book, “To Be a Woman”

Modern Views on Gender: What’s Changed?

In today’s evolving society, understanding womanhood has become complex. Once simple biological sex distinctions are now seen as flexible. Dr. Katie J. McCoy’s book, To Be a Woman, offers clarity on this issue, guiding Christians through the topic.

Dr. McCoy talked with Greg Davis about her book and the theme of womanhood on Priority Talk. In To Be a Woman, she explores the complexities of sex, gender, and identity. The book investigates the origins of present-day gender confusion. Katie presents her insights in an easy-to-understand manner, making it a must-read.

Why Is This Relevant for Christians?

To Be a Woman

Some might ask why this topic is relevant for Christians. Katie answers, “This [issue] has made its way into the churches.” Christians shouldn’t avoid these cultural debates but be knowledgeable and assertive in their beliefs. How can they achieve this?

To Be a Woman is a comprehensive guide. It includes factual data as well as compelling personal stories. Beyond theoretical discussions, the book provides practical advice on how Christians can address gender identity issues with sensitivity and intelligence. In her talk with Greg, Dr. McCoy emphasizes the importance of understanding the Bible and courageously speaking its truths to society.

In a world where gender pronouns are debated, and educational decisions have deep spiritual consequences, To Be a Woman stands out. Dr. Katie J. McCoy’s work helps Christians find clarity and truth in gender identity discussions, promoting a Christ-focused approach.

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