Jerry Jenkins

The Chosen & Left Behind Series: Top Questions Answered by Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins has had a writing career that has spanned decades. He wrote the popular Left Behind series and co-authored the highly anticipated television series The Chosen. People have many questions about both the book and television series, and Jerry has answered the most common questions.

What is Jerry Jenkins’s Writing Process?

Jerry has been writing bestselling novels and non-fiction books for over 40 years, so he has perfected a tried-and-true writing process. He explained that he usually starts with an outline, then moves on to writing the scenes. As he goes through the writing process, he fine-tunes the details. He typically researches as he goes to ensure that the details of his stories are accurate to their respective eras.

How Did The Chosen Come About?

Jerry explained how his son, Dallas, devised the idea for The Chosen. At the time, Dallas worked as a stand-up comic and acted in a few short films. He noticed that people connected with biblical stories on an emotional level and decided to use this to create a television series. He wanted to create engaging and entertaining stories that highlighted the spiritual aspect of biblical stories.

What Was His Experience Like Working With His Son Dallas on The Chosen?

Left Behind Series

Working with his son was a positive experience for Jerry. He was very proud of his son’s vision and was impressed with how well he ran the production. Dallas is a successful producer and knows what it takes to create a quality product. Working together, they were able to bring The Chosen to life quickly.

What is the Message Jerry Jenkins Hopes to Communicate through The Chosen?

For Jerry, the entire point of The Chosen and the Left Behind series is to create stories that will touch people on a spiritual level. He is driven by the desire to spread the message of faith to people worldwide. He hopes that through The Chosen, he can show the power of faith and how it can move mountains.

What Brand of Christianity is The Chosen Series?

The Chosen is an evangelical Christian show, and although it focuses on Jesus, it does not belong to a particular denomination of Christianity. However, it provides an idea of what Christianity looks like when lived out in faith. It is a series rooted in the Bible but offers a wide range of perspectives on Christianity.

One of the unique aspects of “The Chosen” is its focus on the humanity of Jesus and the people around him. The show depicts the struggles, doubts, and joys of the characters in a way that is relatable and engaging. It offers a glimpse into what Christianity looks like when lived out in faith, and how people can encounter Jesus in their everyday lives.

What Advice Would Jerry Jenkins Give to Authors?

Jerry believes that authors should focus on the message they want to communicate with the stories they tell. He believes that authors should write stories that can move people, touch their hearts, and cause them to think about their spiritual journey. He also believes that authors should never forget their audience and write with them in mind.


People have many questions about The Chosen and Left Behind book series and the television series, The Chosen. Jerry Jenkins has answered many of the most common questions, giving insight into his writing process and the message he hopes to communicate through The Chosen. He is an inspiring example of how to craft stories that are engaging and entertaining but also impactful on a spiritual level.

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