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How Politics is Invading the Church with Dr. Michael Brown

In the Church today, politics is often a dividing force. Many Christians believe that Church should not be political and that politics has no place in the Church; however, political issues can tremendously impact believers and their daily lives. Greg interviews Dr. Michael Brown, the author of “The Political Seduction of the Church,” to better understand the issue to discuss how American Christians have become confused about their faith and politics.

What is the Political Seduction of the Church?

Dr. Brown defines the Political Seduction of the Church as the process by which people, including pastors and prominent Christian leaders, try to convince churches to adopt particular political ideologies or positions. These ideologies may be primarily secular, or they may be focused on one specific political party. Either way, people are trying to “recruit” churches away from the pure gospel message to get people to support their causes.

The Dangers of Mixing Politics and the Gospel

Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Brown notes that the greatest danger of mixing politics and the gospel is when people begin to prioritize one above the other. Too often, people in the Church make politics more important than the gospel, leading them to compromise their faith. It also makes it difficult for churches to be a “light in the darkness” when politics are seen as more important than the gospel’s good news.

Risking It All For the Gospel

Dr. Brown explains that the Church should never be afraid to speak or engage cultures with the truth. He adds that the Church should never be scared to put everything on the line for the gospel’s sake, regardless of what the political climate dictates. The actual biblical change will not come through political means; it has to go through the power of the gospel.

Living as Lights in Dark Times

Despite the world’s political climate, Dr. Brown believes that the Church should not be discouraged. Instead, believers should strive to be a light in the darkness and a beacon of hope to those in need. Believers can make a difference in the world by living out the faith in their daily lives, loving those around them, and advocating for those in need.


The Political Seduction of the Church presents a unique challenge to believers. It can be difficult to navigate the tension between political agendas and the gospel message, but Dr. Brown encourages the Church to remain faithful to the gospel. Believers must strive to be a light in the darkness as they proclaim the good news of Christ’s love and lead people to redemption through the power of the gospel.

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