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Dr. Kevin Leman on “Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours”

Dr. Kevin Leman is a renowned psychologist and respected marriage and family expert. His book, Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours, is considered a top parenting book and has been re-released. In this best-of podcast episode, Greg talks to Dr. Leman about the importance of parenting and how to make kids’ minds without making parents lose theirs.

Communication is Key

Dr. Leman explains in the podcast that communication is vital in parenting. For instance, rather than just telling your child what to do, Dr. Leman suggests that parents should explain why and provide examples. He uses the example of telling a child to rake the leaves rather than just yelling, “rake the leaves.” This will allow the child to understand the purpose and importance of the task.

Dr. Kevin Leman

Put an End To the Power Struggles

Another important point that Dr. Leman emphasizes is the importance of ending power struggles. He believes power struggles typically arise from an irregular and reactive parenting style. To prevent this, Dr. Leman suggests that parents be proactive in their parenting by setting up rules and expectations ahead of time. If a law is broken, the parent can calmly remind the child of the preset rules.

Common Sense Is Necessary

Another tactic that Dr. Leman recommends is using common sense when parenting. He explains that although there are specific and effective techniques, sometimes it is better to use simple common sense to resolve a problem. For instance, if a child misbehaves in a public place, the best solution may be to remove them from the situation rather than try to reason with them.


Dr. Leman’s podcast interview is an excellent resource for parents, especially those looking to learn how to make their kids mind without losing their own. By understanding the importance of communication, ending power struggles, and using common sense, parents can be more effective and create a loving and productive environment.

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