Dr. George Barna: Raising Spiritual Champions

Spiritual Champions

Greg Davis recently hosted Dr. George Barna on Priority Talk to discuss his latest book, “Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child’s Heart, Mind, and Soul.” This book is a follow-up to his work from 20 years ago, “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions.” But why an update now?  “I wanted to shift the focus. That earlier…

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Navigating Gender Confusion: A Conversation with Dr. Katie McCoy about Her Book, “To Be a Woman”

To Be a Woman

Modern Views on Gender: What’s Changed? In today’s evolving society, understanding womanhood has become complex. Once simple biological sex distinctions are now seen as flexible. Dr. Katie J. McCoy’s book, To Be a Woman, offers clarity on this issue, guiding Christians through the topic. Dr. McCoy talked with Greg Davis about her book and the…

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How Politics is Invading the Church with Dr. Michael Brown

In the Church today, politics is often a dividing force. Many Christians believe that Church should not be political and that politics has no place in the Church; however, political issues can tremendously impact believers and their daily lives. Greg interviews Dr. Michael Brown, the author of “The Political Seduction of the Church,” to better…

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What Thom Rainer Says Will Happen to Churches Post-Covid

Change is Inevitable Thom Rainer states early on in the podcast that churches will come out of this season of suffering and scarcity, and things will be different. He sees the pandemic as a “structural torment,” as companies that never went online before had to make their way online, and churches weren’t exempt from this.…

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Common Fears and How Faith Can Help Conquer Them

“Fear’s not a new thing,” says Jason Hallcox, who helped guest host Priority Talk for us back in August. And he’s right. Fear doesn’t discriminate, either. It affects everyone in the human race. But Jason clarifies that these days, fear has been on the rise. “I believe we’re seeing people become aware of their surroundings…

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