AI-Generated Pornography

Protecting Children: Representative Matt Woods Takes On AI-Generated Pornography in Alabama

Priority Talk Host and ALCAP President Greg Davis recently welcomed Alabama State Representative Matt Woods onto his radio show to discuss the 2024 legislative session and a crucial bill Matt sponsors. The bill addresses the pressing issue of AI-generated pornography, specifically focusing on its impact on minors.

AI-Generated Pornography

Rep. Matt Woods, a newer legislator entering his second session, highlighted his dedication to serving his community of House District 13, which includes Walker County and areas north of I-22, such as Dora, Nauvoo, Jasper, and Smith Lake. A family man deeply connected to his roots, Woods emphasized his involvement in the local church and various community activities.

The conversation then shifted towards the bill Matt has introduced, which aims to address AI-generated pornography affecting minors in Alabama. The catalyst for this legislation came from a disturbing incident in rural Alabama, where a 14-year-old girl had her face superimposed onto an explicit image, causing significant distress. Rep. Woods shared how this incident moved him to take action, emphasizing the need to protect children from the evolving threats posed by technology.

“Something that’s near and dear to my heart is making sure we’re helping children, protecting them from the things that they’re faced with,” Woods says.

While acknowledging existing laws against child pornography, Rep. Woods explained that his proposed legislation seeks to specifically target images generated digitally or through AI. He emphasized the importance of prosecuting those who engage in such activities, even if the victims are not real people, as it contributes to a disturbing mindset that could escalate to more severe offenses.

As for the reception from fellow legislators, Rep. Woods expressed gratitude for the support he has received. He says, “So far, it’s been very positive. I’ve had a lot of messages from other members, reaching out with encouraging texts and asking to co-sponsor.” Matt highlighted key aspects of the bill, such as raising the age classification for child pornography and introducing civil remedies for victims. Additionally, the legislation aims to direct the state school board to develop policies addressing these issues in educational settings.

Rep. Matt Woods is on a mission to safeguard the well-being of Alabama’s youth by tackling the alarming rise of AI-generated pornography. The proposed bill not only addresses legal loopholes but also focuses on empowering victims and educating students about the serious consequences of engaging in or sharing explicit content. As the ongoing legislative session progresses, Matt remains optimistic about obtaining widespread support for this important initiative.

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