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Meet Greg

Greg is the visionary and daily host of Priority Talk Radio. He is a dedicated Christian minister who serves as President and the CEO of, advocating to the Alabama State Legislature on behalf of churches and Christians concerned about the moral and spiritual well-being of the state. Greg is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and inspiring Christian values with the world around him.

As the host of a live radio show, Greg enjoys connecting with listeners via call in's and texts during the show. Greg also enjoys meeting listeners as he speaks and preaches in churches and organizations all across Alabama. With more than a decade of experience in live broadcast/podcast, Greg has interviewed a who's who of local and national guests. Greg has been married to his wife Sandi for more than 25 years and has two children.

About Priority Talk

Priority Talk is the daily live radio broadcast hosted by ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis that shares the good news and Christian values. The show airs each weekday on WXJC Radio, with a focus on faith, exciting news, and in-depth discussions surrounding local events, activities, and interests. Priority Talk provides a two-hour window of unique guests, compelling topics, and thought-provoking conversations over local radio and a wide range of podcast-friendly platforms.

The show is popular in both the Birmingham, AL, and Huntsville, AL markets and is heard on 101.1 FM all across the Northern Half of Alabama and into Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi.

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Taking part in our local community has allowed us to build a solid listener base over the years and spread the word to wider audiences. From upcoming concerts and services to speaking events and talks, Greg travels across the area to bring awareness and encourage a broader audience to tune into Priority Talk.

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