Todd from Voice of the Martyrs | Wurmbrand

In February 29, 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the secret police. His crimes? Leading Christian worship and witnessing—both of which were illegal under Romania’s atheistic Communist regime. Richard spent fourteen years in prison. He was tortured, beaten, and locked in a solitary confinement cell. His wife, Sabina, spent three years in prison, nearly freezing to death as she and other prisoners were forced to work on the Danube Canal. She was repeatedly told that her husband had died behind bars. Both Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand had an unshakeable faith in Christ. Neither of them gave up hope; they continued daily to talk about Jesus. They emerged from years in prison not with a melancholy, bitter spirit but with a joyful story of victorious faith. Todd from Voice of the Martyrs joined us to talk about this story.

Posted on March 30, 2018 .