Mark Stengler Jr. | Cult Shock

The human body is fearlessly and wonderfully made. Our Creator built it to run efficiently on the proper fuel. Today, however, the rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer heart disease, and other chronic diseases are on the rise. The reason, says Mark Stengler, NMD, is that most Americans are mismanaging what they eat of how they use their bodies. And physical health is not the only place things are going wrong; many suffer from emotional illness or depression that he believes can be largely prevented.

The author of the bestselling (500,000 copies), Prescription for Natural Cures, is both a medical doctor as well as naturopathic doctor. Dr. Stengler says, “God has designed the human body to interact most precisely, efficiently, and safely with live foods, nutrients, and healing agents found in nature.” The problem is curable – by eating foods and engaging in behaviors that lead to a healthy and longer life.

Stengler and a host of other medical professionals are finding in their research and experiences most people are eating the wrong kind of food. “Today, the combination of technology and globalization has turned much of our food supply into semi synthetic genetically engineered, nutrient-lacking packaged goods.” He says that God’s design in Eden was best – organic plants, fruits, and vegetables. “Nature produces a variety of foods designed by our Creator that are perfectly compatible with the human body. The further we get from these naturally occurring foods, the worse our health becomes.”

In Prescription for Natural Cures, Stengler does not knock conventional medicine; instead, he looks at physical and mental health-related problems from A-Z and offers practical ideas for treating symptoms. In each entry, Stengler and his colleagues look at the condition, symptoms, root causes, testing techniques, and treatment. “We have incorporated the best of what science and nature have to offer in the field of natural medicine,” says Stengler.

Posted on June 8, 2017 .