Tommy Littleton | Guest Host

Tommy Littleton is a long time evangelist with over 38 years in street and campus ministry. He has worked in the urban centers of the U.S., Europe and Eastern Europe. A major portion of that was in New York City with the ministries of David Wilkerson. He has spent spring break and summer long evangelism outreaches on the East and Gulf Coast for over 25 years. Tommy and his wife also work in medical missions in Latin America and with Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama. He currently works as an adjunct staffer with apologetics ministries like Apologetics Resource Center and many others. Specializing in understanding the LGBTQ agenda, he helps in distinguishing - loving people in need of the Gospel from politicized cultural narratives and brings all these into view through the lens of Biblical truth. Now, he is working nationally with groups like Texas Mass Resistance to counter radical LGBTQ programs in preK-12 public education. He is thankful to Jesus to be entrusted with the message of mercy, hope and eternity .

Posted on May 5, 2017 .