Listen to Friday's edition of Priority Talk 7/13/2018

Hear Greg's conversation with NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dungy and his wife,  childhood education specialist, Lauren Dungy. They discuss their involvement on the local church, their family of ten kids (which includes seven adopted living at home). We also highlight their new Children's books which can be found at Greg asks Tony about the current state of the NFL and how he would handle player protest if he were still coaching. Great listen for all!

Posted on July 13, 2018 .

Listen to Thursday's edition of Priority Talk 7/12/2018

On this edition of Priority Talk, Greg  plays an audio sample of the explosive Congressional hearings of FBI Agent Peter Strzok and made comments as to the nature of these hearings.  

Next, Greg shares two recent examples of abuses of the Establishment Clause on public school campuses. Hear about threats of law suits as well as cease and desist orders to a local pastor and representative of the Gideons organization.

Halfway through the show, we visited with Author Mark Shaw about his latest book "Courage in the Face of Evil". The true story, both inspirational and educational, is based on the detailed diary of a German Christian nurse Holocaust survivor. She endured more than five years in a concentration camp exclusively for women, but hope was not lost. The book tells it all.

Posted on July 12, 2018 .

Listen to Wednesday's edition of Priority Talk 7/11/2018

Greg begins this jam-packed hour show, by highlighting the hypocrisy of the secularist left in regards to the Supreme Court and the issue of abortion. He highlights this hypocrisy by drawing attention to the so-called comedian Michelle Wolf and her sick and perverted  "God Bless America" skit displayed on her Netflix show.

Greg then takes a few minutes to comment on an excellent article written by Star Parker, entitled "Abortion and the Constitution".

After taking a few listener phone calls -around 40 minutes into the show- we visit with Gregg Jackson, and get his thoughts on many of these same issues. Relating also to his article entitled, "If President Trump Issued This Statement It Would Be The Final Nail In The Left’s Coffin"

Posted on July 11, 2018 .

Listen to Tuesday's edition of Priority Talk 7/10/2018

During this edition of Priority Talk, Greg gives his gut feelings about Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

Next, along with taking listeners' phone calls, Greg outlines the basis of separation of powers and the views of justice our nation's founders set forth in our Constitution.

Lastly, Greg calls on all Christians to arise from compromise and apathy to live out a life of righteousness. 

Posted on July 10, 2018 .

Listen to Monday's edition of Priority Talk 7/9/2018

To begin this edition of Priority Talk, Greg is joined by Kevin Ring, author of SCALIA'S COURT: A LEGACY OF LANDMARK OPINIONS AND DISSENTS. They discuss several facets of Donald Trump's upcoming pick for Supreme Court Justice.

After which, Greg takes several listeners' phone calls to discuss the upcoming nomination and the political climate involved.

Greg closes with a call to prayer for two local youth groups whose return from a mission trip in Haiti is being delayed by protests and demonstrations.

Posted on July 9, 2018 .

Listen to Friday's edition of Priority Talk 7/6/2018

On this edition of Priority Talk, Jake plays the interview Greg has with Aaliyah Blankenship about being a Christian in a large College University. How does it effect one's faith? How can one stay grounded in God? What can other Christians and Communities can do to help Christian college students?

Then Jake closes the show -in light of the fourth of July weekend- with a scripture about Jesus setting us truly free (John 8:31-36).

Posted on July 6, 2018 .

Listen to Tuesday's edition of Priority Talk 7/3/2018

On this July 3rd edition of Priority Talk, Greg takes the first few moments of the show to highlight some very important news stories which pertain mostly to religious freedoms.

Then, we air an interview from 2017 with David Barton of WallBuilders in which he and Greg discuss America's founders; in particular, their views on immigration and taxation.

Lastly, Greg quotes a major portion of the Declaration of Independence and an entire letter written by John Adams on July 3rd 1776.

Posted on July 3, 2018 .

Listen to Monday's edition of Priority Talk 7/2/2018

In the spirit of patriotism, on this Edition of Priority Talk, Greg touches on the situation with the upcoming new Supreme Court justice and many facets involved in it. 

Then the second half of the program he takes a reflective look at America's founding from a Christian perspective.  

Posted on July 2, 2018 .

Listen to Friday's edition of Priority Talk 6/29/2018

On this edition of Priority Talk, Greg visits with Laurie Stroud of the Birmingham Christian Family Magazine. We discuss our new Miss Alabama Callie Walker and many other upcoming events and family friendly opportunities in July. Pick up a copy of the July edition or read it online at  

We also discuss new statistics put out by Lifeway regarding the reasons why Christians might move churches. Throughout the program, Greg additionally takes a couple listeners' phone calls. 

Posted on June 29, 2018 .

Listen to Wednesday's edition of Priority Talk 6/27/2018

The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, announced less than an hour before show time, drove this edition's conversations. Should the south lobby for a qualified southerner to be nominated in his place? What about Utah's Senator Mike Lee? If nominated can he vote for himself in the Senate confirmation? All good questions.

We also visit with Taylor Morton about this weekend's "God and Country Celebration" at the NEW Mortimer Jordan High School. Taylor, a former University of Alabama football player, will be sharing his testimony at the event which begins at 6pm and end with a big firework show at 9pm.  

Posted on June 27, 2018 .

Listen to Tuesday's edition of Priority Talk 6/26/2018

On this edition of Priority Talk, we focus on two Supreme Court Rulings announced. One dealing with Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the other immigration policies. Julie McLendon with the North Jefferson Women's Center and Lisa Hogan with Sav-a-Life Vestavia join us in studio to discuss the importance of today's first ruling and its affect on Pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Posted on June 26, 2018 .

Listen to Monday's edition of Priority Talk 6/25/2018

Greg and some very passionate callers, on this edition of Priority Talk, discuss the seemingly hate-filled culture that we are living among in America today. From issues such as the border crisis or restaurants refusing service to Government officials only because they disagree with their political views- its gotten toxic.  What's the answer? Listen in to hear our take on it all.

Posted on June 25, 2018 .

Listen to Friday's edition of Priority Talk 6/22/2018

Logan LeGrande fills in for Greg on this edition of Priority Talk (Greg will be back in on Friday).

Logan and Jake discuss, today's issues, Logan's ministry "Marked for Life Ministries", the heart of First Priority, a big upcoming First Priority conference, and end the show with some encouragement about prayer.

Posted on June 22, 2018 .

Wednesday's edition of Priority Talk 6/20/2018

In this edition of Priority Talk Radio, Greg highlights two current events that should have any common sense American and especially those who follow the Christian faith concerned.

Additionally, we have a great conversation with Dayton Hartman about his new book, Lies Pastors Believe. 

Dayton Hartman.jpg
Posted on June 20, 2018 .

Tuesday's edition of Priority Talk 6/19/2018

Greg begins this edition of Priority Talk with a 30 minute conversation with Dr. Owen Strachan about the life, times, and theology of Jonathon Edwards. We discuss that Edwards was perhaps the most influential preacher and theologian of the 18th Century and how his influence still resounds today. 

The latter half of the program, we discuss immigration issues and take listeners' phone calls.

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Posted on June 19, 2018 .

Listen to Monday's edition of Priority Talk 6/18/2018

On this edition of Priority Talk, Birmingham's Thomas Littleton joins Greg in studio  to share about his personal experience of being removed from the Southern Baptist Convention as a member of the media (last week in Dallas) and the reasons why he believes this happened to him. 

They also discuss the upcoming "Revoice Conference", and take callers questions regarding his experience.  

Posted on June 18, 2018 .